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Hans Shot First

Jun 19, 2018

#224 - This time around we go over Guy Ritchie's star-studded British crime and comedy work, RocknRolla. We also talk about not understanding U.K. accents, catch up on some E3 news, and give our top getaway moments. Enjoy!


Category: Movies

HSF Rating Alex-5, Scott-6, Jeff-3


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Jun 12, 2018

#223 - This week we discuss Miracle, starring Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks.  Hockey Team USA trains to beat the best in the world, the Soviet Union.  We talked about characters such as Mike Eruzione, Jack O'Callahan, Neal Broten, Jim Craig, and others.  We the acting isn't the best, it is still great story.  We then...

Jun 6, 2018

#222 - Hungry for more input? Look no further than this episode on 1986's Short Circuit! This quirky "classic" stars Steve Guttenberg, Ally Sheedy, Austin Pendleton, G. W. Bailey and Tim Blaney as Number 5. The gang and listeners also share their Top 5 Meanigful Lightning Strikes in entertainment.


HSF Rating Alex-4,...

May 29, 2018

#221 - In this episode we talk about the mistaken identity Hitchcock and Cary Grant thriller classic, North By Northwest. We also talk about legalized sports betting, the members of the Mos Eisley cantina band, and list our favorite movies about mistaken identity. Enjoy!


Category: Movies

HSF Rating Alex-4, Scott-5,...

May 22, 2018

#220 - This week we discuss the final installment of the Star Wars prequels.  We discuss moments and we like and dislike (mostly dislike.)  Obi-wan and Anakin's "epic" duel, Padme dying of a broken heart, Yoda running away like a baby and much, much more.

We then crossover into our top 5 disappointing movies.  Phantom...