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Hans Shot First

Apr 28, 2015

#74 - Listen in as we go over the martial arts coming of age power of friendship childhood classic The Karate Kid. We also talk about what happened to John Carpenter, how Hackers was a tour de force, and why John McClane should have gotten a divorce. Enjoy!


Category: Movies

HSF Rating Jeff-7, Alex-7, Scott-7

Apr 21, 2015

#73 - This week we talk about the film entry of what was supposed to be the end, but it is now likely the middle, of the what may go down as the greatest sitcom in history, The Simpsons Movie. Listen in as we unsuccessfully try to keep the Simpsons references just to the movie, gush over the new Star Wars trailer, and...

Apr 14, 2015

#72 - Listen in this week as we talk about Joss Whedon's tragically short-lived western space show, Firefly. The guys also go over the madness of Castlevania, sci-fi fashion do's and don'ts, and the future of Star Wars and The Avengers. Enjoy!


Category: TV

HSF Rating Jeff-6, Alex-6, Scott-7

Apr 7, 2015

#71 - We nerd out in this episode as we talk about one of our favorite movies based on a comic book character, "Iron Man"  We talk about how Robert Downey Jr. was perfect casting for Tony Stark and how he was helped lead the way with all other Marvel movies.  We also list our favorite Marvel movies, the results may...