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Hans Shot First

Jun 30, 2015

#83 - This time around we dip our toes into romantic comedy and ice hockey movies by talking about physics defying figure skating classic, The Cutting Edge. We also talk about the many job titles of Schwarzenegger, the skating prowess of Russell Crowe, and the CGI shame of Cersei Lannister. Enjoy!


Category: Movies

Jun 23, 2015

#82 - We discuss the modern Disney film about video games.


Category: Movies

Jun 15, 2015

#81 - This time around we talk about the noir classic tale of corruption and violence in old Los Angles, L.A. Confidential. We also talk about some of the dangers of parking in the Ciudad, recount as story of Sean Connery versus a gangster, and pay tribute to the great Cristopher Lee. Enjoy!


Category: Movies

Jun 9, 2015

#80 - In this episode we talk about one of the greatest video game universes of all time, "Zelda"  From the opening game on NES to the latest incarnations on the Wii and Wii-U, these games have always been fun.  We talk about how we discovered the games and which ones are our favorites.  Enjoy while we talk about Link,...

Jun 2, 2015

#79 - You are killing me, Smalls!  Baseball, Summer, and Boys.  We discuss this classic baseball movie, and we may even pickle the beast.


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