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Hans Shot First

Aug 31, 2015

#92 - To get into the mainframe this week we talk about Hollywood hacking classic, Hackers. We also talk about the potential box office smashing of The Force Awakens, real life hacking in the 90's, and the realistic portrayal of high school students in Beverly Hills 90210. Enjoy!


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HSF Rating Jeff-3,...

Aug 25, 2015

#91- The gang gets lost in the world of Labyrinth this week! Join us as we ponder the Bulge of Bowie, reminisce about getting served by Hoggle, and settle once and for all which is better: CGI or Muppets.


Category: Movies

HSF Rating Jeff-3, Alex-5, Scott-5

Aug 18, 2015

#90 - This week we talk about a bunch of video game testers that work at Brainasiam in the movie, "Grandma's Boy"  Lots of rauncy jokes and geek humor that always make us laugh.  Although Adam Sandler is not in this film, it is made by his company and you can definitely feel his presence  (is that good or bad?)  Anyway,...

Aug 11, 2015

#89 - This time around we delve into the cinema of the Carribean by discussing the beginning of the Tom Cruise international action-adventure spy franchise, Mission: Impossible. We also talk about spacious air ducts, the Pentium numbering system, and what happens when a man comes to kick ass and chew bubblegum and...

Aug 3, 2015

#88 - This week we talk about the great animated kung fu epic Kung Fu Panda! Order some great dimsum to go and listen to us talk about almost anything except for Kung Fu Panda like, voice acting, Shrek, and the raping tendancies of velociraptors. Enjoy!


Category: Movies

HSF Rating Jeff-3, Alex-6, Scott-6