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Hans Shot First

Sep 29, 2015

#96 Welcome to world of no feelings, no art, lots of drugs, and extreme pistol whipping.  That's right, we are discussing Equilibrium starring Christian Bale, Sean Bean and Robert the Bruce.  We really enjoy this movie and listen to us gush about Gun Kata, face splitting, puppy loving and more.  Also, Sean Bean...

Sep 22, 2015

#95 - In this episode we take a trip into the seedy underbelly of idyllic British towns with ultra action buddy-cop Edgar Wright offering, Hot Fuzz. We also discuss what Haley Joel Osment has been up to, the dangers of combining copious amounts of alcohol and golf, and the upcoming sure-to-be-great Mr. Show...

Sep 14, 2015

#94- The gang takes a trip down under...WATER, in this episode. Listen as the gang contemplates the feelings of fish, top Hollywood earners, and Scott's continuing nausea.


Category: Movies

Sep 8, 2015

#93 - In this episode we talk about our favorite PC vidoe games for the 80s and 90s.  Choplifter, Oregon Trail, Math Blaster, Zork, Sam and Max, Tie Fighter, Warcraft, and of course Counter Strike are all discussed.  We talk about what it was like trying to get the sound card working correctly, dialing in to...