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Hans Shot First

Apr 26, 2016

#125 - In this episode we discuss Sam Raimi's, "Spiderman".  Before all the reboots, there was the original, and we like it.  Pete Parker, Aunt May, Uncle Ben, Mary Jane, Harry Osborn, and of course the Green Goblin make this a great movie.  We also start geeking out about the upcoming season of Game of Thrones....

Apr 19, 2016

#124 The gang goes back in time to the renaissance of first person shooters with Half Life 2! We also go make a later time jump to revisit Full and Fuller House!


Category: Video Games

Apr 12, 2016

#123 - It's baseball season and what better way to celebrate America's favorite pass time than with America's favorite baseball movie! The gang goes over the finer points of tipping your cap as well as some valuable advice about checking your map.


Category: Movies

Apr 5, 2016

#122 - This time around we talk about the latest foray into costumed super heroes destroying cities via DC's headline characters Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. We also discuss cold war villains from Russia's point of view, Suicide Squad re-shoots, and how in space no one can hear you tie your...