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Hans Shot First

May 31, 2016

#130 - The fellas talk about their favorite moments from the not so smash hit Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. But mostly this is a Game of Thrones episode. THAT'S A LOT OF NUTS!


Category: Movies

May 23, 2016

#129 - Listen in this week as we go over the MCU as a whole while discussing our favorite and most disliked things about it. We also get into baseball players getting punched in the face, the shift in DC movie leadership, and recap Game of Thrones' 5th episode for the current season. Enjoy!


Category: Other

May 17, 2016

#128 - **SPOILER ALERT** In this week's episode we discuss the latest Marvel movie, "Captain America: Civil"  We love it, and you do too.  We also discuss the latest news as usual and talk about episode 3 of Game of Thrones.  Enjoy!


Category: Movies

May 10, 2016

#127 - Join us in celebrating Chris Farley's career by counting down our favorite moments from SNL an the silver screen! We also talk a bit about the unerground cult hit Game of Thrones.


Category: TV

May 3, 2016

#126 - This week we talk about what we look forward to in futureGame of Throne episodes while dipping our toes into Season 6. Wealso talk about Podrick's bedroom prowess, the screen time for allGoT characters, and the get into obscure Star Wars trivia.Enjoy!


Category: TV