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Hans Shot First

Apr 26, 2017

#165 - This week we discuss 2004's EuroTrip.  This raunchy teen movie is way funnier than it should be.  Watch as a high school grads spend the summer in Europe while getting into all sorts of trouble.  Keep a look out for Matt Damon's cameo as well as Xena as Vandersexxx.  We then discuss our favorite train scenes in...

Apr 18, 2017

#164 - This week we dive into the Life Aquatic and discover how dry a movie about the ocean can be! We also list our top 5 sea creatures in all entertainment...yes, books count as entertainment.

Category: Movies

HSF Rating Alex-5, Scott-4, Jeff-1


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Apr 11, 2017

#163 - This time around we go over all-time Martin Scorsese mobster classic Goodfellas. We also talk about Joe Pesci in the buff, the great announcer Bob Miller, and our favorite instances of guys getting whacked. Enjoy!

Category: Movies

HSF Rating out of 7: Alex-6, Jeff-5, Scott-7

Apr 4, 2017

#162 - This week we go back in time to review "Back to the Future."  which was directed by Robert Zemeckis.  We discuss this great 80's adventure as Marty McFly played by Michael J. Fox and Doc Emmett Brown played by Christoper Llyod team up to bring us one of the decades greatest movies.  We then discuss our other...