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Hans Shot First

Apr 24, 2018

#216 - During this episode we go over our the insanely awesome Indonesian action movie, The Raid: Redemption. We also give some predictions about the imminent Avengers: Infinity War, discuss the flatulence of Andre the Giant, and list our favorite one versus many film moments. Enjoy!


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Apr 17, 2018

#215 - Space fold yourself into the flawed cinematic trip that is 1984's DUNE. Starring Kyle MacLachlan, Virginia Madsen, J├╝rgen Prochnow, Max von Sydow, Patrick Stewart, Sting and many, MANY more! The gang also lists their Top 5 Desert Crossings in entertainment! Thanks Garth!


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HSF Rating Alex-4,...

Apr 10, 2018

#214 - This week we discuss Ex Machina.  We talk about Sexy Robots, Drunk computer genius, back stabbings, creepy music, and more.    Caleb, Ava, and Nathan are certainly better than Hux, Lara, and Poe.  We then cross over top AI in entertainment.  Hal, T-800, Jarvis, and more are discussed.


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Apr 3, 2018

#213 - This time around we discuss the Park Chan-wook genre-bending vengeance thriller, Oldboy. We also go over what would happen if Jimmy Stewart the actor were in NASCAR, talk about how we didn't hate Justice League, and list our top torture scenes. Enjoy!


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HSF Rating Alex-6, Scott-6, Jeff-5