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Hans Shot First

Oct 28, 2014

#48 - Ellen Ripley - Female Warrior.  We continue our scary movie month with the 1979 Sci-Fi/Horror classic, Alien.  We discuss our favorite scenes and talk about why we like this movie so much and why it is so scary.  The mood, the visuals, the set design, the creature design, etc..  all played such a huge part in why this is movie is so awesome.  We also discuss the genious of H.R. Giger and his crazy mind as well as the coming out party for director, Ridley Scott and actress, Sigourney Weaver.  

Since this is a Halloween episode we talk about our other favorite scary movies such as Jaws, Poltergeist, Audition, and the Exorcist.


Category: Movies

HSF Rating Jeff-6, Alex-6, Scott-6