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Hans Shot First

Oct 28, 2014

#48 - Ellen Ripley - Female Warrior.  We continue our scary movie month with the 1979 Sci-Fi/Horror classic, Alien.  We discuss our favorite scenes and talk about why we like this movie so much and why it is so scary.  The mood, the visuals, the set design, the creature design, etc..  all played such a huge part in why...

Oct 21, 2014

#47 - Listen in as we continue our horror themed month with a talk about all time horror movie classic Halloween. We also talk about getting freaked out at Halloween themed amusement parks, the direction the horror genre has taken, and how Superman is an unstoppable killing machine. Enjoy!


Category: Movies

Oct 14, 2014

#46 - This time the guys talk about the easily defined time-traveling fantasy horror action-adventure classic Army of Darkness. We also go over sequels that vary wildly from their originals, give a short dissertation on Latin, and discuss the the cult of personality for the man, the myth, the legend, the chin, that is...

Oct 7, 2014

#45 - Listen in as we switch it up this week and talk about our favorite Michael Bay movies starting with The Rock, complete with life-like commentary from Sean Connery, Nic Cage, and Al Pacino for some reason. We also talk about what goes into writing for each Mad Men character, what Sean Connery thinks of the latest...