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Hans Shot First

May 26, 2015

#78 - What are you looking at, Dick Nose?  First time guest, Tricia, and husband Matt discuss Michael J. Fox's classic, "Teen Wolf"  An instant classic that makes us all wish we had a Boof.


Category: Movies

May 19, 2015

#77 - In this terrible movie we talk about nerds and video games.  (This is what happens when Scott and Alex don't properly fill out the description.)


Category: Movies

May 12, 2015

#76 - Join us this week as we discuss Terry Gilliam's very imaginative time traveling comedic adventure, Time Bandits. We also go over early Sean Connery, Napoleon's fascination with height, and our verdicts on the Age of Ultron. Enjoy!


Category: Movies

May 5, 2015

#75 - This week we talk about early Happy Madison golfing miscreant with a heart of gold Happy Gilmore. We also talk about Bob Barker's possibly nefarious longevity, Vin Diesel's love of Coronas, and the efficacy of swamp forts in Game of Thrones. Enjoy!


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