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Hans Shot First

Nov 24, 2015

#104 What's Thanksgiving without a slice of warm pie at the end of dinner? This week the gang reminisces about the 1999 teenage sex romp "American Pie". They also try and decide what's grosser: Drinking beer full of semen, scarfing down a turd, eating doughnuts full of dog spunk, or a little blood on your...

Nov 17, 2015

#103-This week we discuss The WB's "Arrow"  We hope you like "beef", hot girls, and some super hero action because that is what this show is.  Corny most of the time, but some of us still like it.  The focus is on the first 2 seasons, but a spoiler or two from other other seasons may have slipped so you have been...

Nov 10, 2015

#102 - This time around we talk about the unheralded Dolph Lundgren and Brandon Lee early 90's cop actioner with a misguided Japanese flavor, Showdown in Little Tokyo. We also discuss how no one is a detective in real life, go over our favorite Star Wars vehicles, and talk way too much about Hawaii 5-0....

Nov 3, 2015

#101-We kick off Turkey Month with everyone's favorite super family! The gang learns some harsh sobering truths about the Power Rangers, Macho Man, and themselves. We also run down our Top 5 Non-lightsaber Star Wars weapons. Enjoy!


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