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Hans Shot First

Mar 29, 2016

#121 - In this episode we discuss Season 1 of Netflix's Daredevil.  We also talk about the not so good reviews of Batman V Superman, the passing of Gary Shandling, and other movie news.  Enjoy


Category: TV

Mar 22, 2016

#120 - This week delve into the world of Lego with The Lego Movie! The gang shares stories about their childhood lego memories and the importance of not eating said lego pieces.


Category: Movies

Mar 15, 2016

#119 - This time we talk about the Christopher Nolan action-thriller with the visual effects that is the stuff of dreams, Inception. We go over our own lucid dreams, the Brat Pack heist movie, and learn about Spring Training from Alex. Enjoy!


Category: Movies

Mar 8, 2016

#118 - In this episode we talk about our favorite black and white TV shows.  Once our cartoons were finished we had to watch these old shows, but we are glad that we did.  I Love Lucy, Honeymooners, Twilight Zone, etc...  Enjoy


Category: Other

Mar 1, 2016

#117 - Acid rain got you down? Hairless mutant rats all up in your face? Then listen to this episode with's own Wade! It's Turbo-tastic!


Category: Movies