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Hans Shot First

Mar 31, 2020

#315 - This time around we go over the movie adaptation and the rad soundtrack of the seminal 90's fighting game, Mortal Kombat. We also talk about the release of Persona 5 Royal, discuss more delays of big movies, and list our favorite fighting games. Enjoy!


Category: Movies

HSF Rating Alex-5, Scott-5,...

Mar 24, 2020

#314 - The gang sleep watches their way through The 'Burbs. Starring Tom Hanks, Bruce Dern, Carrie Fisher, Rick Ducommun, Corey Feldman, Wendy Schaal, and Gale Gordon!

Category: Movies

HSF Rating Alex-3, Scott-3, Jeff-3

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Mar 17, 2020

#313 - his week we finally dive into the Wizarding World. We talk about Harry and his friends: Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Dumbledore, Hagrid and others. We then cross over into our favorite magical items. Stay safe and smart out there.


Category: Movies

HSF Rating Alex-5, Scott-5, Jeff-6

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Mar 10, 2020

#312 - This week we go over some super powered pastiche before the MCU had truly taken off in the Hong Kong set, pre-Captain America starring Chris Evans adventure, Push. Also starring Dakota Fanning, Djimon Hounsou, Camilla Belle, Ming-Na Wen, Cliff Curtis, Neil Jackson, Corey Stoll, Xiaolu Li, and Nate Mooney....

Mar 3, 2020

#311 - The HSF gang is here to let you know that Dolemite is back on the scene! Starring Rudy Ray Moore, D'Urville Martin, Jerry Jones,  and Lady Reed. Special thanks to the Chuck Norris Karate School.


HSF Rating Alex-6, Scott-4, Jeff-3

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